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08.10.2010 Alternative software and apps to your PC (Windows, Linux), Mac, iPhone, Android, Web/Online and other platforms. -
alternative software to
09.08.2010 Open Source Mac - Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X.
download library macosx opensource software
06.04.2010 The Ethical Hacker Network - Metasploit? Tutorial - A New Day for System Exploits
exploit freeware hacking hacks metasploit security software sysadmin tutorial
13.02.2009 Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager - Home
desktop freeware opensource software utilities virtual vista windows
29.12.2008 Liste des meilleurs logiciels libres (Open Source) pour Windows
alternative free opensource software utilities
18.12.2008 OpenProj | Serena Open Source and Hosted Project Management Software
freeware management opensource productivity project software tool windows
19.11.2008 Free Speech... Recognition (Linux, Windows and Mac) -
api audio free opensource recognition software sound speech speechrecognition voice
25.09.2008 Xobni: Learn more about Xobni for Outlook
outlook socialsoftware tool windows xobni
27.08.2008 flash-decompiler - Google Code
actionscript as3 decompiler flash flex google hacking opensource software tools
25.08.2008 Programming Tutorials ? Geekpedia
programming reference software tutorial
12.08.2008 Coding Horror: Designing For Evil
interesting patterns programming security software spam web web2.0 webdesign
28.05.2008 Winpooch : Windows watchdog helps to detect spywares and trojans - opensource - anti spyware and trojan
antivirus freeware monitoring opensource registry security software windows
30.04.2008 Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming
AI algorithms game gamedev games IA library programming reference software tutorial tutorials
25.04.2008 About
degrafa design development flash flex framework graphics opensource ria software
18.04.2008 What Makes a Great Developer? - Development -
career development programming psychology software
01.04.2008 IMMUNITY : Knowing You're Secure
alternative debugger freeware hack kernel programming softice software
31.03.2008 phc -- the open source PHP compiler
compiler development opensource php programming software tools
17.03.2008 - Home
media software tv windows
25.02.2008 Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software - Downloadpedia
alternative free opensource software tools
25.02.2008 Open Source Alternative - Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software
alternative free freeware opensource software tools
02.07.2012 SANS: CWESANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors
security software
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