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29.03.2012 Vectors Best Design Options
design images library
09.08.2010 Open Source Mac - Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X.
download library macosx opensource software
30.03.2010 | Open Source Flash, Flex and JavaScript
components download flex library opensource
03.02.2010 An Introduction to OpenFlux - InsideRIA
components flex framework library mvc openflux
06.06.2009 Library Projects and Customization in Flex Builder 3. « Sudha Hariharan
components custom design.xml flex flexbuilder library
18.02.2009 Mate Flex Framework ? A tag-based event-driven Flex framework
actionscript adobe architecture as3 designpatterns development flex framework library mate mvc opensource programming ria
12.09.2008 Managed Windows API
api c# dotnet library managed pinvoke windows
23.07.2008 Visual C++ Team Blog : How to redistribute the Visual C++ Libraries with your application
blog c++ crt development library microsoft programming reference sxs vc++ windows
30.04.2008 Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming
AI algorithms game gamedev games IA library programming reference software tutorial tutorials
28.03.2008 qooxdoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ajax gui java javascript library programming qooxdoo
28.03.2008 qooxdoo » Home
ajax framework gui javascript library opensource programming web2.0
19.03.2008 .NET USB Library #usblib (SharpUSBLib)
.Net c# development dotnet library programming USB
29.02.2008 Multimedia Command Strings
library mci multimedia sound
29.02.2008 C# / MP3
.Net c# development library mp3 sound
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